Feral wins Best Story award at Animated Dreams



Feral wins RTP2 prize at CINANIMA

Too bad I couldn’t be there this year and accept the prize in my home country.

Feral Wins GIRAF

Feral wins Innovation in Animation award at GIRAF: http://giraffest.ca/2012-festival/awards/ …

Feral at Black Nights, Estonia

Feral will be screening at the Black Nights Film Festival’s animation competition, Animated Dreams, in Estonia, November 14-18:


Upcoming Screenings

Anilogue International Animation Festival, Hungary: November 16-25
Etiuda&Anima International Animation Festival, Poland: November 26-29
Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation, Canada: November 28-December 2
Cinanima International Animation Festival, Portugal: Nov 8-14
Cutout International Animation Festival,Mexico, Nov 1, 2, 3
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, The Netherlands, November 7-11

upcoming screening

Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Romania, October 5-14

Upcoming Screenings

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada: September 19-23
Animated Encounters, UK: September 19-23
The International Fest of Contemporary animation & media-art LINOLEUM, Russia: July 10 to September 9

The Feral trailer is here!

The trailer for Feral is finally here.
Check back often for screening announcements.


I know this isn’t technically a “Feral” clip, but it’s a film that helped to formulate the visual language and themes that are explored in the current project. Enjoy!

Bath shot: composite breakdown

This is a quick montage that takes you through the different stages of putting a shot together in After Effects. Enjoy!