Feral wins RTP2 prize at CINANIMA

Too bad I couldn’t be there this year and accept the prize in my home country.


Feral Wins GIRAF

Feral wins Innovation in Animation award at GIRAF: http://giraffest.ca/2012-festival/awards/ …

Feral at Black Nights, Estonia

Feral will be screening at the Black Nights Film Festival’s animation competition, Animated Dreams, in Estonia, November 14-18:


Upcoming Screenings

Anilogue International Animation Festival, Hungary: November 16-25
Etiuda&Anima International Animation Festival, Poland: November 26-29
Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation, Canada: November 28-December 2
Cinanima International Animation Festival, Portugal: Nov 8-14
Cutout International Animation Festival,Mexico, Nov 1, 2, 3
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, The Netherlands, November 7-11

upcoming screening

Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Romania, October 5-14

Upcoming Screenings

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada: September 19-23
Animated Encounters, UK: September 19-23
The International Fest of Contemporary animation & media-art LINOLEUM, Russia: July 10 to September 9

The Feral trailer is here!

The trailer for Feral is finally here.
Check back often for screening announcements.


I know this isn’t technically a “Feral” clip, but it’s a film that helped to formulate the visual language and themes that are explored in the current project. Enjoy!

Bath shot: composite breakdown

This is a quick montage that takes you through the different stages of putting a shot together in After Effects. Enjoy!


Playground from Daniel Sousa on Vimeo.

The final shot, with all the animated elements working together. Leo animated the hopscotch girls, and Caroline animated the girls playing jump-rope.