Feral wins Grand Prize at KROK!

Feral wins Grand Prize at KROK!

The only animation festival that takes place on a cruise between the Ukraine and Russia. It must have been quite a ride; too bad I couldn’t be there.



Feral wins the Best Film award at Anima Mundi 2013!

That also means that it is now eligible to be considered for an Academy Award nomination. It’s the first of many hoops to jump through, but it might be a fun ride.

Feral updates: new screenings and awards!

Upcoming screening at Animator festival in Poland, July 13-19

Upcoming screening at KROK festival, September 1-10, which takes place aboard a river cruiser following the a route from Odesa – Sebastopol – Zaporizhzhya to Kyiv

Feral won a special Jury Prize for Animated Short Film at the Oak Cliff Film Festival

Feral won three distinctions at Annecy: The Junior Jury Award for a short film, the Fipresci Special Distinction, and the Festivals Connexion Award

Feral wins in Arizona!

Feral wins Best Animated Short at the Arizona International Film Festival:


Arizona International Film Fest

Upcoming Screening: Feral will be playing at the Arizona International Film Festival, April 12-28:

Feral at Athens Animfest

Feral at Athens Animfest

the festival will run from March 7-13, in Athens, Greece.

Feral wins Grand Prize at Folioscope/Anima in Brussels!!!

Feral wins Grand Prize at Folioscope/Anima in Brussels!!!

I was there years ago with Minotaur, and it was one of my favorite festival trips. I wish I could have gone this time, but scheduling didn’t allow.

Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum interview

Listen to the interview that took place at the Ottawa Animation Festival in September, in which I spill the beans on everything you may or may not want to know about Feral. Also featuring a great mini interview with the great Steven Subotnick!

Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum
Podcast Ep. 34: Daniel Sousa (feat. Steven Subotnick)


Boston area premiere next Tuesday!

Feral premieres in Cambridge as part of Balagan’s “In Captivity” program:

Feral film still

Feral wins Best Story award at Animated Dreams